Monday, July 8, 2013



Message from the President

Dear reunion friends,There are two issues that need to be addressed during this note I write to you:

First: In going over the business meeting agenda there is a point I want to make: The committee appointed to research and revise, if needed, the issue on “Alumni Group Guidelines” is hereby disbanded and the topic will be “tabled indefinitely.” We will continue to use an abbreviated version of Roberts Rules of Order at our business meetings.

Second: Plans for the Indianapolis Reunion 2013 are in place and waiting for your Conference and Hotel registrations. 

Please get you Conference Fee sent to:
Clara Dostal Reynolds, 
418 Playa Blanca, 
Santa Maria, CA 93455 

... and put “2013 Conference Fee” on the memo line. 

You can register at the hotel online at :

or call 317-972-0680. Hilton Hotel and Suites.

In order to arrange transportation, meal, tours and dance considerations you should make your hotel reservations by the dead line of August 26th.

Thought for the day:
Has it occurred to you that every year we are reduces in numbers by the ageing process? It pulls at my heart every time we lose one of our classmates as well as that of our classmate spouses. That is why I keep on harping about making it to the reunions. It is every other year and in this time frame of our lives that is a long period of time in which some of us
will be called away.

I am attaching the reunion registration for your convenience.

I would protect you with my life.”
     Lance M. Burris     RAHS President
     Class of 1957

“See you at the reunion, don’t make me come looking for you!”