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Bonnes Fêtes !

Below is a Christmas greeting sent to me by a French friend that I knew when he lived in the town of Bussac.  He is currently living in Paris, retired, and we communicate quite often and also visit with each other on skype.  
I thought you might like to see it. Merry Christmas friends and may the times bring you peace and happiness.
                                                                                                                       LANCE BURRIS
     (A separate email has been sent to the Rochefort Alumni 
    Group with the beautiful Postcard Slide Show Attached) MJ

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

L'Hermione sur la Charente

Première sortie de l'Hermione sur la Charente
En 1997, l'association Hermione-La Fayette a lancé la reconstitution d'une frégate du XVIIIe siècle. Un incroyable chantier qui dure depuis quinze ans. En 2015, le navire quittera l'arsenal de Rochefort pour rejoindre Boston où La Fayette avait débarqué en 1780.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Sandy the second-most destructive U.S. hurricane ever?

Hurricane Sandy’s destructive rampage across the Northeast inflicted at least $50 billion to $60 billion in damage, according to early estimates. That’s not counting the death toll from the storm—110 dead and rising. It’s also not counting all the hardship that can’t easily be quantified. (Washington Post)

In the United States, Hurricane Sandy affected 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine and west across the Appalachian Mountains to Michigan and Wisconsin, with particularly severe damage in New Jersey and New York. 

Its storm surge hit New York City on October 29, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city.

As you know, the USA usually is the first nation to send aid when other countries are in trouble.

It is highly appropriate that we now send THANKS to all of the countries that reciprocated for our help with their disasters, misgivings, social turmoil, & poverty by sending to the United States of America monetary and physical help when Sandy ravaged our East Coast leaving dead, homelessness, and pure disaster.

 Listed below are all the Countries and World Organizations that are giving us gracious assistance. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Fellow High School Buddies,  and all other friends and fellow citizens in the East Coast of the United States, who might be in the horrible path of hurricane Sandy.

Our prayers are with you during these difficult moments and we hope this terrible weather situation resolves quickly and with the least damage to life and property. Please hold tight and remember life is worth more than any material goods.

Your friend and former classmate from Puerto Rico,
Miriam Ramirez

Friday, October 26, 2012

D-Day 1945

The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France memorialize the fallen US soldiers of the D-Day Invasion to retake  Europe from the Nazis. The large white areas in the photo are created by thousands of white crosses and Star of David grave markers:

Épieds-en-Beauce, Centre 
Baillargues, Languedoc-Roussillon
Saint Gratien

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The building that we utilized as our High School is seen in the upper righthand corner. Napoleon spent his last days there before going to exile.
Janvier 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


Phase 1: the dismantling of the tent
During the closed season (January 1st until February 10) of the site of the Hermione, work continues in preparation for the installation of the boat-locks and the moving of the frigate to the Napoleon III drydock in July.

Preparing the launch: the sequel ...
Phase 2 : The shoring for the launch!
2012 was a pivotal year for the Hermione! After dismantling the tent that covered the Hermione in the double drydock where she was constructed, the ship was cleared of all its scaffolding and showed itself to the visitors, adorned with its original colors.

In order to be able to set the frigate afloat, which is planned for the middle of March, the company ASSELIN carpenters have now installed the shoring for the launch. This construction serves to keep the frigate in balance while still dry, and allows the gradual introduction of water into the dry dock.

Une hermione à l'air libre !

  • Découvrez la pose du POD tribord, moteur à propulsion pesant 1,5t, installé à l'arrière de la frégate. Un compromis entre historicité et navigabilité, mais nécessaire aujourd'hui pour assurer la maniabilité du navire dans un port.
  • Arrêtez de rager inutilement ! Ces POD sont OBLIGATOIRES pour naviguer avec l’Hermione, tout simplement parce qu’il est aujourd’hui totalement interdit de manœuvrer à la voile dans un port. Les POD serviront uniquement dans ce cas de figure. Des tas de concessions et de compromis ont était fait sur ce projet mais c’est toujours pour que le navire puis « vivre ». Et heureusement, sinon il n’aurait jamais pu prendre la mer. L’essentiel est bien là et c’est ce que compte.

These works will follow each other and will take approximately 1 ½ months. 
Click here to see the VIDEO!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



The very loans that are supposed to help seniors stay in their homes are in many cases pushing them out. Some lenders are aggressively pitching loans to seniors who cannot afford the fees associated with them, not to mention the property taxes and maintenance.
Others are wooing seniors with promises that the loans are free money that can be used to finance long-coveted cruises, without clearly explaining the risks.
Some widows are facing eviction after they say they were pressured to keep their name off the deed without being told that they could be left facing foreclosure after their husbands died.

Friday, October 12, 2012


This is story is from 2010 but it still has an impact on our generation. MJ

The Roy Rogers Museum has closed its doors forever. The contents of the museum were sold at a public auction. Roy Rogers told his son, if the museum ever operates at a loss, close it And sell the contents. He complied. 

Note the follow-on article, truly the end of an era. 

Here is a partial listing of some of the items that were sold at auction...Roy 's 1964 Bonneville sold for $254,500, it was estimated to Sell between 100 and 150 thousand dollars. 

His script book from the January 14,1953 episode of This Is Your Life sold for $10,000 (EST. $800-$1,000).A collection of signed baseballs (Pete Rose, Duke Snyder and other greats) sold for $3,750. 

A collection of signed bats (Yogi Berra, Enos Slaughter, Bob Feller, and others) sold for $2,750. Trigger's saddle and bridle sold for $386,500 (EST. 100-150 K). 

One of many of Roy 's shirts sold for $16,250 and one of his many cowboy hats sold for $17,500.

One set of boot spurs sold for $10,625. (He never used a set of spurs on Trigger). A life size shooting gallery sold for $27,500. Various chandeliers sold from $6,875 to $20,000. Very unique and artistic in their western style. 

Two fabulous limited edition BB guns in their original boxes with Numerous photos of Roy, Dale, Gabby, and Pat sold for $3,750.

Roy's first Boots.     A signed photograph by Don Larsen taken during his perfect game in the world series against The Dodgers on Oct. 8, 1953, along with a signed baseball to Roy from Don, sold for $2,500. 

A collection of memorabilia from his shows entertaining the troops in Vietnam sold for $938.   His flight jacket sold for $7,500. 

His set of dinner ware plates and silverware sold for $11,875. The Bible they used at the dinner table every night sold for $8,750. One of several of his guitars sold for $27,500.

Nellybelle sold for $116,500. 

A fabulous painting of Roy, Dale, Pat, Buttermilk, Trigger, and Bullet sold for $10,625.

One of several sets of movie posters sold for $18,750. A black and white photograph of Gene Autry with a touching inscription "From Gene to Roy" sold for $17,500.

A Republic Productions Poster bearing many autographs of the People that played in Roy 's movies sold for $11,875. Dale's horse, Buttermilk (whose history is very interesting) sold below. The presale estimate for $25,000. (EST. 30-40 K). 

Bullet sold for $35,000 (EST. 10-15 K). He was their real pet. Dale's parade saddle, estimated to sell between 20-30 K, sold for $104,500. One of many pairs of Roy 's boots sold for $21,250.

Trigger sold for $266,500. 
Do you remember the 1938 movie The Adventures of Robinhood, With Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland? Well Olivia rode Trigger in that movie. 

Trigger was bred on a farm co-owned by Bing Crosby. Roy bought Trigger on a time payment plan for $2,500. Roy and Trigger made 188 movies together. Trigger even out did Bob Hope by winning an Oscar in the movie Son of Paleface in 1953.

It is extremely sad to see this era lost forever. 

Despite the fact that Gene and Roy 's movies, as well as those of other great characters, can be bought or rented for viewing, today's kids would rather spend their time playing video games. Today it takes a very special pair of parents to raise their kids with the right values and morals. 

These were the great heroes of our childhood, and they did teach us right from 
Wrong, and how to have and show respect for each other and the animals that share this earth. 

You and I were born at the right time. We were able to grow up with these great people even if we never met them. In their own way they taught us patriotism and honor, we learned that lying and Cheating were bad, and sex wasn't as important as love. We learned how to suffer through disappointment and failure and work through it. Our lives were drug free. 

So it's good-bye to Roy and Dale, Gene and Hoppy, The Lone Ranger and Tonto. 
Farewell to Sky King and Superman and Sgt. Friday. Thanks to Capt.. Kangaroo, 
Mr. Rogers and Capt. Noah and all those people whose lives touched ours, and made them better. 

It was a great ride through childhood!



More: Roy Rogers' stuffed horse Trigger sold at auction

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A Reunion Note From the President
Here it is………..your Indianapolis “teaser.”  I want to get you ready to come to Indianapolis for the 2013 reunion, so I will be sending you some sights to wet your whistle and enlist your interest.  I am about to wrap up a deal with a downtown hotel which is close to everything and one block from the State Capitol Building and the Soldier/Sailor Monument Circle

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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Rochefort American High School Students commuted from different cities and towns in France. Here are some photographs of Blaye and Bussac, France, where there was a US Army Base. Many of us lived there.  Lance Burris, President of the RAHS Association contributed many of these photographs.

We welcome your contribution to this collection of photos which are treasured by our RAHS alumni. Please send them to and we will post them. MJ