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Hi Brat Friend!
Hope this finds you doing well in the first full month of Spring!
       In this update:
       1.  Brat reflection.
       2.  How can we help you?  Where can we get you involved?
       3.  Brats Facebook groups where you can meet Brats living in the same State.
       4.  Sponsorships for reunions.
       5.   Upcoming events.
       6.  Weekly OSB updates.
       7.  You.
1.  Brat reflection
It all began as an idea: Why not try to help Brats and develop an organization that focuses on building up, involving and serving those with our special heritage?
In the days before the internet and Social Media this meant utilizing 'traditional media' (i.e. print or broadcast) to get the word out, and lots of phone calls and 'regular snail mail' to follow-up with Brats.

Tuesday, April 8th marked the 28th anniversary of the founding of OVERSEAS BRATS.
What began as an idea has grown into a seven day a week job of serving the needs of thousands of
Brats & Educators, regardless when/where they were. 

2.  How can we help you?   Where can we get you involved?
3.  Brats Facebook groups where you can meet Brats living in the same State.
Facebook groups for Brats living now in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and the Washington, DC area have been created thanks to the hard work of Barbara Walker Bartlett. Just type in on Facebook: (State) Military & Overseas Brats in the search section of Facebook or ask Joe at: for the specific link. (We plan to add additional Brat State groups in the future.)

4. Sponsorship for reunions.
5. Upcoming events.-Does your school/base/community have an upcoming reunion? Let OVERSEAS BRATS (OSB) know at: . OSB can provide FREE help.
-Want to get a mini-reunion or reunion going? Ask: how. 
-Email: about "Brats Oktoberfest" or "Homecoming 2016."
  • Colorado Brats regional get-together, August 17, 2014 in Colorado Springs. 
  • "Brats Oktoberfest," October 2-5, 2014 in New Braunfels, TX.
  • "Homecoming 2016" happening August 4-7, 2016 at the Hotel Elegante Conference & Event Center in Colorado Springs, CO.
6.  Weekly OSB updates. 
  • Get these by 'liking' on Facebook:  Official OVERSEAS BRATS Fan Page.
7. You. 
  • Former students and alumni on the email list who are not members of OVERSEAS BRATS (OSB): 6,404. (You are included in this count.)
  • Current and past OSB members on this email list: 1,000. 
  • On Facebook: 'Likes' of: The Official OVERSEAS BRATS Fan Page = 3,029.
  • Members of the: Overseas Brats ( group = 3,530.
  • 247 DoDDS Educators receiving the email updates. Among these are 35 current/former members of OSB.
  • 203 Brats & Educators came to regional events in Albuquerque,Central Texas (San Antonio), Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and Southern California in January-February-March 2014.
  • 84 Brats & Educators from 94 schools/bases/communities came to the 27th annual OSB gathering in Laughlin, NV, Oct. 10-13.
  • 200 Brats & Educators from 133 schools/bases/communities partied at "Brats Beach Bash" aka the tri-annual Homecoming 2013 in Daytona Beach, Aug. 8-11.
OVERSEAS BRATS (OSB) new member benefits include:
*Past magazines (whatever is available, while supplies last);
*A bumper sticker to proudly proclaim your Brat heritage;
*30 word ad in an upcoming of OSB magazine;
*Special recognition at OSB-hosted events.

Have a terrific day!
                                       Joe Condrill

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